Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Dev Days was Super-fantastic

Wow, Yesterday was really great. Thanks to all the speakers and contributors!!
I enjoyed the sessions. Pity that I couldn't attend all. looking forward to downloading the Presentation files from the devdays site.

Next time Eben is in town, we will definitely get him to give us some more info on Silverlight.. And maybe Hilton can do an AJAX talk for SAdev ? There is always alot to absorb at Devdays, and a little refreshing, won't do any harm.

It was especially great to meet all of you at the after-party.

Some blogs were mentioned and one of them being:
Zlatan's Blog - So if your interested in sharepoint, have a look there.
Also Eben's blog: (He is the Microsoft .NET Developer Advisor in South Africa).
Hilton's Blog:

Who else of you have blogs I am unaware of?

Also, a birdie has whispered in my ear, that someone is getting married in December ....... (and it's not me :-) ) At least this birdie is not flying away. He is staying in South Africa, and the bride-to-be will be moving here...

Enjoy your day!!

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Hilton.Giesenow said...

funny thing about those birdies... :-P