Thursday, 07 June 2007

Cold, cold and colder

Morning all,

Sjoe!! but last night was Freezing. Couldn't warm up. Spent half the night shivering.. Maybe it's time to buy a lekker electric blanket. But i still am a bit cautious to use those, because of stories you hear, about the electric faults that can happen, causing the blanket to catch fire.. I don't know how rare that is though.. hmmm freeze or burn? Tee hee

Hey, its my birthday in 9 days time.. And i am having a big party at my place. Am really looking forward to that.

Enjoy your day.

P.s. I am addicted to flickr....

1 comment:

Hilton.Giesenow said...

I've used one for years, they're pretty safe! Just don't leave it on the top setting the whole night :-P