Thursday, 28 June 2007

Baby Seal in Flickr's Explore(2)

Baby Seal, originally uploaded by MyAngelG.

Hooray, this photo of mine made it to explore..

This photo I took when I went with Shirley-Anne to the Waterfront . It has now been in Explore(Flickr's top 500)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Hunter 1

The Hunter 1, originally uploaded by Gavin Goodman.

Have a look at this great pic..

XP Home

Been having Laptop problems, so I decided to do some .NET development on my desktop at home.. and guess what? It is Windows XP Home so it doesn't have IIS!! So, I can't do any web development...


Well. they have blocked facebook at work. We all knew it was coming.. The messaging is free, so it is better than sending an sms to your friend. So, I feel blind today. Can't see any of my friends faces. Luckily, I have access at home.. :-)

Yesterday I started looking at the facebook developers kit.

Monday, 25 June 2007

The Birthday Party

This is a bit of a belated post. I had a great birthday. It was great to share my birthday with some friends. Here are some pictures:

Thursday, 21 June 2007

The day before pics

Here are more pictures of my desk :

The Day Before....

Had a great birthday. It all started on friday morning, when I walked into work, and found that some of my colleagues had decorated my desk.

Then I received some gifts. It was very nice. Some nice people even sang Happy Birthday to me..(mostly in another language -HA HA)

All of this made it a very special day before...

Thursday, 14 June 2007


I went out on a dinner date last night and it was really great.
The Chinese restaurant(Jade Court) we went to, just happens to have buffet on a wednesday evening. It was a nice surprise..

I tried sushi for the first time.. (But only the Pure vegetable one)

There was a great variety of food, and we tasted a bit of everything. Needless to say, we were full afterwards.

It was a really enjoyable experience. And it is also a nice idea for a date, because it is not just one meal , eat and go.

We could take our time and chat between buffet courses. Needless to say, we were the last ones to leave the restuarant ;)

Enjoyed the wine too.( and the company) ;)


I don't even know why I am bothering to blog, if is not even allowing my keywords used in my blog to come up as a result of a google search. Even if I put the keywords in the search engine or the blog name it doesn't come up.. they had better fix this or esle I Am gonna shift my blog to another bloggin site.

I mean, isn't this blogging site a part of google? One has to login with your google account. One would expect google search engine to find : "Angel De-lites". But NO WAYS!!! hmmph. :-(

Monday, 11 June 2007

Happy Monday Morning

Morning All..

I am happy and snug and warm today... while it's rainy outside.
It isn't a blue monday for me.. But then again I shouldn't tempt fate.
I had a lovely weekend...How was your weekend?

Friday, 08 June 2007

Michael W Smith is coming to South Africa!!

Well known gospel singer and musician, Grammy Award winner, Michael W. Smith will be in Cape Town.. It's not to be missed!! 23 October 2007
We are going to try and make a group booking...Let me know if u wanna come along.

Bookings haven't started yet.

Microsoft Tech-ed is coming soon

Sunday, 21 October - Wednesday, 24 October 2007 @ Sun City

To be notified when registrations open, please go to the following link:

and enter your email address..

Anyone wanna sponsor me? :-)

it's Friday, Friday, Friday

Yay! it's friday.... looking forward to the weekend.
And it is a full one...... Weather doesn't look too bad. The sun is shining out there.

P.s) I am
Addicted to ...:-) and

Thursday, 07 June 2007

Cold, cold and colder

Morning all,

Sjoe!! but last night was Freezing. Couldn't warm up. Spent half the night shivering.. Maybe it's time to buy a lekker electric blanket. But i still am a bit cautious to use those, because of stories you hear, about the electric faults that can happen, causing the blanket to catch fire.. I don't know how rare that is though.. hmmm freeze or burn? Tee hee

Hey, its my birthday in 9 days time.. And i am having a big party at my place. Am really looking forward to that.

Enjoy your day.

P.s. I am addicted to flickr....

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Dev Days was Super-fantastic

Wow, Yesterday was really great. Thanks to all the speakers and contributors!!
I enjoyed the sessions. Pity that I couldn't attend all. looking forward to downloading the Presentation files from the devdays site.

Next time Eben is in town, we will definitely get him to give us some more info on Silverlight.. And maybe Hilton can do an AJAX talk for SAdev ? There is always alot to absorb at Devdays, and a little refreshing, won't do any harm.

It was especially great to meet all of you at the after-party.

Some blogs were mentioned and one of them being:
Zlatan's Blog - So if your interested in sharepoint, have a look there.
Also Eben's blog: (He is the Microsoft .NET Developer Advisor in South Africa).
Hilton's Blog:

Who else of you have blogs I am unaware of?

Also, a birdie has whispered in my ear, that someone is getting married in December ....... (and it's not me :-) ) At least this birdie is not flying away. He is staying in South Africa, and the bride-to-be will be moving here...

Enjoy your day!!

Monday, 04 June 2007

Lazy Weekend

Had a very lazy weekend. Spent most of the time in bed or watching DVD's. Well, I do have an excuse... the Flu.. I had to take Friday off Work, because all the primary school teachers were striking, and the school was closed. But, I ended up in bed with the Flu, anyway. I managed to get up and go to the chemist and get some Degoran. Which really helped douse the symptoms.

Back at work today. I feel rested and relaxed today, but I still have flu symptoms. I have to be at work, however, because I am a contractor, and I lose money for each hour not at work.

Tomorrow is DevDays , and I am really looking forward to it!! :-)