Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Telerik RadGrid Frustration

RadGrid does not show or isn't visible on Page_Load?

Set a default value for your datasource SelectCommand of  the SqlDataSource of your Grid.

e.g.) <SelectParameters>

                <asp:ControlParameter Name="FleetNo" ControlID="txtFleetNo" PropertyName="Text" DefaultValue="0"/>
I discovered this error, when using a MaintainFleet page and and an AddFleet page.
The maintain page was working perfectly with the RadGrid. So I copied the code over for my new Add page.
I changed my dropdown from the Maintain Page to a textbox on the Add page. That field is the control parameter of the Select statement . And unless you set a default value for the Textbox one, the grid will not be visible until a postback is done. Of course the code was working on the Maintain page.... the Dropdown had been set with a default value in the code.

Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Ultimate Family Tree - Problems?

Got a Divide by Zero error when running your Ultimate Family Tree (platinum) Application? on XP or Windows 98

Here is the fix :
1. Download the patch file below.

2. Copy the Patch26.exe file to the directory containing FOXW2600.esl (the directory where FormSoft is installed).

3. Open a system Command Prompt window. The program item for this is in the Windows Start menu, under the Programs group called MS-DOS PROMPT.

4. Type the following commands at the command prompt. Note that the CD command must access the directory where you copied the PATCH26.exe file in step 1.


(i.e.: CD C:\UFT )




4. PATCH26 copies the original (unpatched) file to "Copy of Fox26000.esl".
The above information can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

(URL - http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q240/9/82.ASP )

Download the patch here  http://www.datacustoms.com/download/Patch_26.exe