Monday, 15 December 2008

Eight tips for a school day routine.

Eight tips for a school day routine. (Helps to stay sane)

Apart from perishables like milk, lay out everything for breakfast including bowls, glasses etc before you go to bed. Get the kids to help, and soon they’ll be doing it themselves.

Get the kids outfits ready the night before. Check that everything it there and ready to swap their pyjamas for. Once again, do it with your children and soon they’ll be doing it themselves. Don’t forget about your own clothes!

Create a space where the children can keep all their school things. From kit bags, satchels, swimming bags, sports equipment and ballet bags to library books and musical instruments, make sure they are packed and ready to go before bedtime.

Schedule what is needed at school on each day and mark it on a large calendar. This will help with the preparation on the night before, and keep you reminded of who needs to be dropped off or fetched when and where.

Deal with anything that comes home from school immediately. Whether it’s a form you need to fill out, an invitation you need to respond to, or a letter of concern from the teacher, do it there and then, and reply on the same day.

Create a set time and place for doing homework. Keep all necessary books and recourses like dictionaries, as well as stationery nearby. Pack the homework into school bags as soon as it has been finished.

Fill up with petrol on the way home from school rather than rushing it in the morning.

Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual and leave for school 5 minutes early. You’ll be amazed at how this will relieve an enormous amount of stress and put the kids in a good mood for school.

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